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Landlords will need to have some idea of your financial standing in case you need to help with rent.  If retired, you can leave this blank and continue to the next section.
Approximate Savings/Investments

The landlord will want a general idea of how much you have in investments and savings in case you need to help pay rent.
Do you rent or own your current residence?

Credit Check

Your credit is a pivotal piece of information in the application process.  Without it, the landlord will have a hard time assessing if rent payments can be collected in a timely manner.  With your permission, we'll run a check and relay to the landlord.

We can't guarantee that the landlord will be comfortable moving forward without some form of credit.  If you have any other proof you'd like to provide us with, please upload it below.


We need your social security number in order to run a credit report for the landlord.  This form is secure via Google and Rent Source holds your personal information with the highest of integrity.  If you're not comfortable with online transmission, please call your rental agent ASAP with your SSN, otherwise it can hold up the process greatly.
Please upload a picture of your photo ID.

We need this to verify you're a real person!  A photo of a passport or front of a driver's license are acceptable.  Alternatively, you can text a picture of this to your rental agent if that's easier.
MA Law

Pursuant to Massachusetts law, the Management shall not make any inquiry concerning race, religious creed, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age (except if a minor), ancestry, or marital status of the Applicant or concerning the fact that the Applicant is a veteran, member of the armed forces, or handicapped.  The Applicant authorizes the Renting Agency to obtain or cause to be prepared a consumer credit report relating to the Applicant.  The Renting Agent is an independent contractor and has no authority to make any representation concerning the premises; the Renting Agent is only authorized to show the apartment for rent and to assist in the screening of Rental Applicants.
By entering your name below, you agree that all statements herein are true and accurate to the best of your knowledge.

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